Sista LooK was founded to bring awareness to long standing ideologies & societal stigmas that contributes to lack of support, appreciation & respect for Black women in America. This oppression derived from slavery & continues to cause negative perceptions, against Black women, in the minds of Americans as a whole. Furthermore, Black women have been labeled with Stereotypes & devaluing notions which has impacted us socially, economically & even worst, mentally. Although, recently, black women are making impressive strides to display positive representation of themselves on social media platforms, however, from past to current, the media, entertainment industry & television networks continuously display & portray Black women in combative, over sexualized, vain or ill-mannered ways. Systemics as such, has caused black women to subconsciously (even consciously) degrade themselves on many levels, hence, imparting that same negativity on black women.
Sista LooK serves as a sounding board of unity, empowerment and support for black women to combat imposed oppression.
We are committed to empower black women by highlighting their beauty, quality & values through positive affirmations; platforming black excellence and consistently emphasize the resilience of black women.
Sista LooK call to support black women doesn’t stop there..., however, we encourage everyone (no matter race or gender), to give an understanding and fortify Sista LooKs purpose and mission, by making intentional efforts, to support black women.


Empower and promote unity among black women and fortifies intentional support to combat imposed disparities.


Our main purpose is to promote unity and bridge the divide in sistahood, by challenging black women to make conscious decisions to encourage, empower and support one another on purpose.